Programme 2017

This years Programme of meeting talks and events. Also included is our tea rota.
18th January
Poison is a Woman's Weapon-Angela Brabin
Teas –Dee Pope/ Ann Roochove

15th February
Walking the Great Wall of China-Richard Lupton
Teas - Janice Reece / Jennifer Rickets

15th March
History of the Apron– Jane Chance and Jane Baker
Teas – Ann Shakeshaft/ Maureen Shakeshaft

19th April
Wiltshire Farm Foods –Clare Adams
Teas - Pat Holt/ Lesley Williams

17th May
Charles Thompson Mission-Bernie Frost
Teas – Lyn Worral/Terry Ablitt

21st June
The Joy of Scousers and Scouse –Ken Pye
Teas - Cherry Agass/Marie Barnes

19th July
Birthday Dinner

16th August
Social Evening
Teas – Christine Byrne/ Sue Church

20th September
Wirral Villages – Gavin Hunter
Tea - Brenda Cunnington / Sue Evans

18th October
Folk Lore and Folk Magic – Peter Watson
Teas -.Linda Forshaw / Barbara Garside

15th November
Annual Meeting-Social Evening
Teas -. Judy Hadley/Patricia Hall

20th December
Christmas Party